These super adorable Bomb Cats are made by SUPLAY x PERER.  These cute little cats are fruit/plant themed and made of the highest quality.  They have the cutest little butts and have an amazing finish.  Some are a glossy finish while others are a matte velvety finish (reminds me of F.UN finishing but they are not made by F.UN).

If you missed our first release of these cuties, you are in for a treat as we have restocked these amazing pieces and they should be arriving late next month.  My personal fave is the purple "Grape" variant (hello red wine!) and the cute little shiny chestnut figure. 

In this series, there are 8 common characters to collect. They are:

1. Pitaya (aka dragonfruit) with a velvety matte finish

2. Green Grapes with a velvety matte finish

3. Purple Grape with a glossy translucent finish

4. Cactus with a glossy finish

5. Durian (without the stinky smell) with a velvety matte finish

6. Pineapple with a translucent glossy finish

7. Pinecone with a velvety matte finish

8. Chestnut with a glossy finish. 

There are also two chasers. The mini chaser is a color variant of the pineapple and the big chaser is a super cool pomegranate one. 

Now Available.