Before we delve into if these Lucky Cats will really bring you luck, let’s learn the pronunciation of MOETCH. For the longest time, I thought it was MOE-EK. But I was wrong! Haha

Drumroll, the name is pronounced MOE-CH... like MOCHI, without the “I”. And the reason for such a pronunciation is that they wanted the english name to sound as close to their Chinese name as possible.

I am not going to lie, knowing what their Chinese name sounds like and means, the English version is disastrous. If you ask me anyways. 

Naming aside, there is a saying that each Lucky Cat represents a little something. I can’t figure them all out, but here are some obvious ones... (based on my own personal opinion) 

Baller Tiger Cassy holding dolla bills represent WEALTH. 

Corn Cassy represents harvest. It really has a Autumn and Thanksgiving feel. 

Pink yarn Cassy represents youth and beauty. 

Grey Cassy holding the heart represents love.